Hello, and welcome to the Discology On-Line Store. My little store-that-could has been open since November, 2006 a.d. and is primarily a used CD store but one that also has a great number of rare and out-of-print items in stock. The CDs I sell are always scratch free and are as good as new. Confidence in what you are buying is key.

I’ve been asked many times why would I open a CD store when so many of them are closing down? The truth of the matter still resides in the fact that I believe people still like to shop and own the actual piece of music (& not just the download). I also believe that there should be more choices because independent stores often trump corporations due to their ability to provide better customer service, as well as the products people are looking for. It’s been my goal of the store to become as big as one person can handle and that includes having a presence on-line with the same customer service that I provide in-store.

While Discology, the physical store, resides in Reno, Nevada, the on-line version will only differ in the fact that it can make more products available to more people.